About the conference

Conference theme

In an age of global interconnection what counts as religion is being redefined and is under increasing scrutiny. It is now impossible to conceive of the global-political without attention to the religious-secular, the increasing tension between the local and trans-national and new modes of community and religiosity. Cultural habits, individual identity, social structures, philosophical categories and economic exchanges are all being transformed by a new sense of time, space and interconnection.

The conference will explore the theme of Religion in the Local and Global across a range of disciplinary perspectives, including religion, politics, anthropology, sociology, psychology and philosophy. The aim is to bring together a range of disciplinary perspectives on the study of religion to explore the local/global challenge to conventional assumptions about religion, both in empirical and theoretical perspectives. Each perspective seeks to set up a challenge to how different ways of thinking about religion are determined by interlocking global and local issues, concerns and social realities.

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