Arts and Humanities Heroes 2021

In a year quite unlike any other, we wanted to acknowledge how fantastically resilient our students have all been throughout an extremely difficult time.

To recognise this strength our students have all shown, our Student Experience team asked Arts and Humanities students to nominate their ‘hero’.  They were thrilled to receive so many positive and inspiring nominations – we hope these bring you a little piece of joy and a reminder that hope can always be found, even in the toughest times.

Gillian Brooke-Turner

School of Arts – BA Art History

Nominated by Hans Maes

“As a student rep, Gilly has defended and promoted the interests of her fellow students with great honesty, integrity, and courage. During School discussions, which were sometimes quite difficult, she was not afraid to speak up where necessary, and her contributions were always helpful and constructive. A sa result, she has significantly helped to improve both the programme and the student experience.”

Jordan Kelly

School of Arts – BA Drama and Theatre

Nominated by Harry Negus-Ross

“Not only an amazing person to work with and an amazing artist but also someone who has supported me through some of the hardest things I’ve gone through. A true friend.”

Keturah Cole

School of Arts – BA Film

Nominated by Max Molloy

“It is quite difficult to put into words but their dedication and positivity in and out of class was nothing short of admirable. Consistently giving insightful contributions in class, combined with an incredibly supportive and upbeat personality really helped to make classes more enjoyable. That impact in a lesson may go unappreciated but it really does have an enormous impact on the overall mood of a class and deserves great praise. It may seem small but the impact is larger than is realised. Out of class, the sheer personal perseverance and the unwavering fight for important social issues is fitting of the term “hero”. Whether it be raising attention for charitable causes, or making sure injustices around the world don’t go forgotten through social media is a particularly necessary fight over the past year. It’s a noble cause to help others in their time of need. It takes a truly good person to help make those around them feel better but also to support others in their struggles even if it’s of no benefit to themselves. I find it inspiring and worthy of notice to be this generous and I also find it impressive that someone that can be so uplifting in a time when many people need support. Therefore, in and out of class, I think “hero” is a perfect description.”

Max Molloy

School of Arts – BA Film

Nominated by Elif Okutan

“I met this student via an online shared class in Philosophy. I always thought it would’ve difficult to make friends online but Max proved otherwise. Over the course of the module our friendship blossomed, we both loved Philosophy and we were able to support each other through this hard time with Covid-19 and the lack of interaction to be had. Max showed great kindness, inclusivity and was always eager to learn which he always spread to his peers.”

Naimh Packman

School of Arts – BA Art History

Nominated by Kathryn Boutilier

“Always has great answers to questions, queen of the Google search. Amazing sense of humour. Niamh is a wonderful boost in an online discussion, great ability to lift the spirits and give a smile.”

Zoe Grasby

School of Arts – BA Media Studies

Nominated by Hans Maes

“I wish to acknowledge Zoë’s exceptionally constructive and positive contributions to group discussions related toa second year module I convene (Media Ethics). Not only did Zoë voluntarily and enthusiastically maintain a WhatsApp support group to facilitate debate outside of the classroom — something which was no doubt very helpful to her peers — but she was also in no small part responsible for the strong cohesion and positive atmosphere in this particular seminar group, consistently engaging others in fruitful discussion, expressing support and encouragement where needed.”