Dr Margherita Laera translates new multilingual play: ‘The Foreigner’s Smile’

Dr Margherita Laera features as part of the creative team in a reading of ‘The Foreigner’s Smile’, a text about ‘New Italians’ growing up in Italy without having the right to acquire Italian citizenship.

The Foreigner’s Smile is a Italian play by an Italian-Mauritian writer, Nalini Vidoolah Mootoosamy, performed in English, featuring Italian, Mauritian Creole and Hindi. The play is an experimental piece of multilingual theatre, featuring a British-Mauritian cast, and translated by Dr Margherita Laera, who also has a cameo role.

Organised by PAV/Fablamundi, and in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute in London, the event will allow for interrogation of the scripts and characters as they appear on the page, and will discuss the wider issues of translation and adaptation from the Italian context into the British. Along with the author, Nalini Vidoolah Mootoosamy, and Margherita, the cast includes Italian-Palestinian director Omar Elerian, and performers, Jessen Aroonachellum, Yanick Ghanty, Caragh Roopunand and Shane Zaza.

The meeting will be an opportunity to attend the reading of the play and to take part in a Q&A session shared with all the artists involved in the process.

Join on Zoom, Friday 25 June from 14:00 (UK time)