Dr Hans Maes publishes new book on the ‘Before’ film trilogy

Senior Lecturer in Art History, Dr Hans Maes, has published his new book, Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight: A Philosophical Exploration, co-edited with Katrien Schaubroeck.

The book explores the philosophical themes that feature in the interactions between the protagonists, Céline and Jesse including, ‘the nature of love, romanticism and marriage, the passage and experience of time, the meaning of life, the art of conversation, the narrative self, gender and death’.

Actor and screenwriter of the ‘Before’ trilogy shares: “No matter how in love you were at 20, no matter how beautiful it was at 30, no matter how conflicted you were at 40: you are going to die. This is the sad reality for all of us. It is revolting, it is upsetting, it is wrong, it is unfair. But it is the human condition.”

On publishing his new book, Dr Maes says, “The aim of this new book is to extend the philosophical conversation instigated by what is arguably one of the greatest romantic film series of all time: Richard Linklater’s ‘Before’ trilogy.”

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