Dr Margherita Laera launches new Performing International Plays website

After 18 months of development, the Performing International Plays platform launched this week, aiming to provide teaching and learning resources for students and teachers of drama in secondary education.

Dr Margherita Laera has, this week, launched ‘Performing International Plays‘. The initiative is a not-for-profit, open access website which aims to support students and teachers of drama. With a current selection of twenty plays from five continents, written in fifteen languages by authors from diverse backgrounds, the project diversifies the drama curriculum by engaging students with international theatre and different cultures.

“This is the result of over 18 months of really hard work by a fabulous team” – Dr Margherita Laera

Watch the promo video for ‘Performing International Plays’ below:


Dr Margherita Laera, the leader of the project, says:

“A few years ago I had the idea of creating a website to highlight international plays and enrich them with learning and teaching resources for secondary-school teachers and students to engage with more diverse voices in Drama classes. I am thrilled that this is now a reality and honoured that so many talented creatives have accepted to take part in this project. If we can set one teacher’s imagination alight so they feel empowered to use our resource in their classes, and if we can make just one student feel more included in what theatre is and can be, we will have achieved our mission. Thank you to the Arts and Humanities Research Council for supporting us.”

Each play comes with helpful and accessible resources, character numbers, themes, and education packs, all designed to help teachers bring these texts to life in the classroom. Some of these resources include interviews with the cast, directors and creatives, who give behind the scenes access to the plays and provide their thoughts on how these stories translate between countries and cultures.

For more information about ‘Performing International Plays’, visit their brand new website.