Film alumnus, Marcus Brooker, on creating ‘My Cancer Documentary’

Film alumnus, Marcus Brooker, is working on a documentary with his brother Robin, titled, ‘My Cancer Documentary’, documenting the decline of his father’s battle with terminal cancer. News of the documentary has spread far and wide, from ITV and BBC coverage, and Cancer Research UK, as well as a multitude of press coverage up and down the UK.

Marcus studied BA (Hons) Film at Kent, and has worked on whole host of projects since graduating in 2020. Marcus won the regional award, and was subsequently entered the national finals, of the Best Videography Company in the Wedding Business Awards 2020. Marcus explains, “This was for my wedding videography business I started at University with a fellow class mate. After I left, I began to film the cancer documentary, and have worked as a freelance videographer, editor and graphic designer since leaving Kent.”

Marcus shares that his time at Kent provided him with great knowledge of the areas of film and gave him a great historical and social context for the film world: “I feel I had a well-balanced education and learnt the fundamental aspects of the film world.”

We caught up with Marcus to hear more about this journey of making ‘My Cancer Documentary‘ and his success on getting a place at the National Film and Television School.

How did this documentary come about?

The documentary came about after I graduated University. My father has had cancer on and off since I was about 12. His terminal diagnosis meant he got worse and worse throughout my time at University, and I knew there was something positive to come from his decline. I had the idea to document his decline, to highlight and show people what it is like to live with terminal cancer. My father had worked for the NHS for all his life, and I think it’s very fitting that the last thing he did is give something back. I came up with the idea, showed my brother and family, who were all incredibly supportive of it. I had always seen things about cancer, but never something so personal. We took a no holds approach the doc, as we wanted it to be truthful.

Congratulations on your place at the NFTS, what will you be studying and what are your plans for 2021?

Thank you! I am studying directing and producing television entertainment. I have loads of plans for 2021, but my main focus is my course and the new documentary. Alongside my studies, I wish to continue to make content and work in the film industry.

You can watch an amazing glimpse of the documentary on Marcus’ YouTube channel, called ‘What to Expect‘. The full documentary is due for release later this year, and we are really looking forward to seeing the final edit.