Dr James Newton’s latest film, Black Lizard Tales, reviewed in Horrified Magazine

School of Arts Lecturer, Dr James Newton’s latest film has been reviewed in Horrified Magazine by Ellis Reed. Ellis Reed writes, “Black Lizard Tales is an often unsettling, always compelling movie. People who prefer straightforward stories will be disappointed by the (deliberate) loose ends, but it’s worth taking Black Lizard Tales on its own terms because it’s a great example of microbudget filmmaking.”

Black Lizard Tales draws on the traditions of surrealism and iconography associated with European cult cinema of the 1970s in a monochrome, non-linear unfolding of three interconnected horror stories. In the film, a Professor of Psychology with a dark secret, a nun terrified of dying, and a traumatised young woman all come together in this trio of intersecting horror stories. Black Lizard Tales features ghostly visions, demon worship, and serial murder set on an English university campus.