Freshers: Reading Recommendations 2020

Here are a few texts recommended by lecturers Dr Aki Pasoulas and Dr Rich Perks to get you started on your courses this year!

For Music Technology and Audio Production

Rossing, T. D. and Moore, R. F. (2013).  The Science of Sound. London: Pearson.

Passman, D. S. (2011). All You Need to Know About the Music Business. London: Penguin.

Bartlet, B. (2013). Practical Recording Techniques: The Step-by-step Approach to Professional Audio Recording. London: Focal.

For Music, Performance and Production

Harnum, J. (2014). The Practice of Practice: Get Better Faster. Chicago: Sol Ut Press.

Kageyama, N. (2017). The Bulletproof Musician Blog. Available at (this one is free!)

Parncutt R. & McPherson, G. (2002). The Science and Psychology of Music Performance: Creative Strategies for Teaching and Learning. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

St George, J. M. (2012). ‘Learning Patterns in Music Practice: Links Between Disposition, Practice Strategies and Outcomes’. Music Education Research 14 (2).

Williamon, A. (2004). Strategies and Techniques for Enhancing Performance. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


And finally, for more general Music Theory practice head over to (or download the app version called Tenuto) and try out some of the exercises.


Find your books and get support from the team over at the library: