Alumna Ece Ger’s documentary on BBC Scotland

Film poster for Meeting Jim

Meet Jim, Citizen of the Word, a feature-length documentary by alumna Ece Ger, who graduated with an MA in Film – including a term at Kent’s Paris School of Arts and Culture – in 2015, will have a repeat broadcast on BBC Scotland on Saturday 29 August 2020 at 9pm.

The documentary, which has recently been released on DVD under its original title of Meeting Jim, follows the story of 83-year-old socialite Jim Haynes. It composes an impressionistic portrait of Jim, the man and cultural phenomenon, as seen by the many and diverse people whose lives have been touched by his. The film is a hymn to the lasting spirit of the 60s, an inspirational living proof of how we can all choose to live on the bright side.

The programme website for BBC Scotland can be found here: