Sian Stevenson interviewed by AAL online

Sian Stevenson in online Facebook interview

Further to the Active & Assisted Living (AAL) Programme Smart Ageing Prize 2020 being awarded to the Moving Memory Dance Theatre Company, created by Sian Stevenson, Senior Tutor and Lecturer in Drama and Theatre, AAL have published a video interview with Sian and Cathy Westbrook on its Facebook page.

Moving Well is a pioneering, peer-led performance workshop that empowers older adults to engage in entrepreneurship, improves their health and wellbeing and challenges ageism. The series of workshop sessions encourages collaborative creativity and is enhanced by digital technology. Older adults can train to become session facilitators, working with Moving Memory in a way that responds directly to their interests, skills and wishes.

‘The project is a training package which equips older people to run what we call “moving well” sessions,’ explains Sian in the video, ‘a creative practice that incorporates movement, spoken word, and digital forms.’

To watch the video, please see the page here: