Film alumna Lila Rawlings is Executive Producer for Sitting in Limbo film

Image of an isolated UK passport
  "annie-spratt-kMuaT5cXggc-unsplash" by Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.

Alumna Lila Rawlings, who studied Film in the School of Arts, is the executive producer of a new Left Bank Pictures feature-length drama entitled Sitting in Limbo, which debuted this week on Monday 8 June on BBC1.

Sitting in Limbo follows the story of Anthony who, after living in the UK since he was 8 years old, decides to visit his elderly mother in Jamaica. He has never held, or needed, a passport before and while filling out the paperwork at the Passport Office he is stunned to discover that there is no record of him as a British Citizen – despite having lived in the country since 1965. With the onus on him to prove his British status to the Immigration Office, Anthony finds himself stuck in limbo, forced to leave his job, unable to claim benefits, and forcibly removed from his home and detained as an illegal immigrant. The devastation that ensues puts Anthony at the centre of what has become known as the Windrush scandal.

Lila currently works as Executive Producer for Left Bank Pictures, and has had a successful career in both Film and TV. Previously, Lila has worked as Executive Producer for Dark River (2017), and script editor for The Selfish Giant (2013), both of which were directed by Clio Barnard, Reader in Film in the School of Arts.

Most recently Lila has been Executive Producer for five films as part of the Electric Dreams (2018) anthology series for Amazon and Channel 4, and also Oasis (2017) for Amazon Studios. Lila was a Development Executive at Film4; amongst the projects she worked on were Shame (2011) and The Deep Blue Sea (2011). Lila has also been Head of Development for Dakota Films and made Me Without You (2001) and at Century Films where she worked on BAFTA winning television dramas: Falling Apart (2002) and Consent (2007).

Sitting in Limbo is available to watch on BBC iPlayer here: