James Newton podcast on TV movies

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Dr James Newton, Lecturer in theĀ Department of Media Studies, has released the latest instalment of his podcast series, Newton Talks.

In this podcast, James discusses topics (mostly) related to cinema, television, and culture. His guests are from the world of academia, as well as filmmakers and other artists, and the podcast takes the form of unscripted discussions.

In the latest instalment, James talks to television historian Amanda Reyes to talk about made-for-television movies. Together, they discuss the genre and its relationship to cinema, and how TV movie narratives dealt with topical subjects often on meagre shooting schedules and budgets.

Amanda has published a book on the subject, Are You in the House Alone (Headpress, 2017), and her Made for TV Mayhem podcast is available here: https://tvmayhempodcast.wordpress.com

To listen to the episode, please see the page here: