Imagining Autism launches online resources

Imagining Autism, a project originally created by Nicola Shaughnessy, Professor of Performance, and Dr Melissa Trimingham, Senior Lecturer in Drama and Theatre, has recently launched a series of online resources.

The online resources were developed in response to the needs of The Beacon, a local school in Folkestone. that the team have been working closely with since 2017. The Beacon was due to enjoy access over two terms to Imagining Autism’s sensory pod, embedding Imagining Autism into the curriculum and teaching, but this was delayed due to COVID-19. Nevertheless the new Imagining Autism Online Resources ensure that children, teachers and parents now have access at home to the Imagining Autism experience.

Imagining Autism was initiated as a collaboration between the disciplines of drama and psychology that sought to address the differences in communication, social interaction and imagination in autistic children. Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (2011-2014) and based at the University of Kent, Imagining Autism worked with the School of Arts, the Tizard Centre, the School of Psychology and the Gulbenkian Theatre. The project has since developed into researching and celebrating autistic creativity and imagination as a source of well being and learning, and establishing a substantial public engagement programme.

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