Drama alumnus Jamie Brown publishes play-text

Jamie Brown, a School of Arts alumnus who completed a BA (Hons) Drama and Theatre, has published a play-text entitled Back to the Classroom.

After two months, Paula, a young girl returns to her school to find it was not how she left it. Something is different about her classroom and even more so with her history teacher, Mr. Peters, who has been mysteriously absent. Paula is about to discover a dark secret during her history lesson, it’s as if her text book has come to life! Join Paula and her classmates as they battle to escape the dangers of time. Who can they trust? Will they ever return to the classroom? Or will they be trapped forever? All is not what it seems. Back to the Classroom takes readers on a time travelling adventure filled with many twists and turns.

Jamie says: ‘I managed to write this play after learning the skills in the fantastic module DR619 – Playwriting I: For Beginners, which I took in my final year. This gave me the confidence to write Back to the Classroom‘.

Jamie’s play-text is available on Amazon Kindle here: