Kaitlyn Regehr reveals the background to her research for the Times Higher Education

Dr Kaitlyn Regehr

Dr Kaitlyn Regehr, Lecturer in Media Studies, has just been interviewed by the Times Higher Education (THE) newspaper about her research on Incel culture.

In the article, entitled ‘The Emotional Challenges of Studying Online Hatred of Women’ by Ellie Bothwell, Kaityln explains why she felt impelled to explore the misogynistic world of ‘involuntary celibate’ or ‘Incel’ culture.

Kaitlyn reveals the risks in undertaking such research. ‘When you are a woman doing this type of research, the dangers are real,’ she explains in the interview. ‘I noticed how vulnerable female academics are during this project.’

Her experience also informs her teaching on the BA (Hons) in Media Studies, where she encourages students to explore digital literacy. ‘Pastoral care is part of the job, and I think if you’re engaging with these topics you need to have an open-door policy and create safe spaces. You also need to be able to advise students. It would be irresponsible to teach these topics without offering a follow-up discussion.’

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