Olly Double interviewed for UDC’s Higher Education Today

Olly Double on Higher Education Today

Dr Olly Double, Reader in Drama, has been interviewed for the April edition of Higher Education Today.

Higher Education Today is a US television talk show on UDC-TV, a cable station run by the University of Columbia, which has won six Telly Awards for addressing contemporary education issues. All episodes are also hosted on YouTube here.

The theme of the episode is ‘Humor in Tough Times’. In the episode, Olly talks about the benefits of comedy. ‘Comedy in our civilization can do all kinds of great things’ he explains, ‘it can make us feel more connected with each other if we laugh at the same thing, we feel part of the group.’

Olly also talks about teaching comedy at Kent. ‘We start with theory and history – the students look at all kinds of examples of stand-up from the last 120 years,’ he explains, which feeds into the essay and practical work.

To view to the episode, please see the page here: