Aylish Wood on Sonic the Hedgehog

Professor Aylish Wood

Aylish Wood, Professor in Film, has been interviewed for the latest edition of Wired magazine about the use of CGI in the film adaptation of Sonic the Hedgehog.

The trailer for the film Sonic the Hedgehog (dir. Jeff Fowler, 2020) was first released in April 2019 and received an overwhelmingly negative response to the CGI depiction of the eponymous hedgehog, resulting in a redesign of the animation.

‘I personally don’t have particular investment in Sonic, but I can look at that and think there’s something strange and vaguely repulsive about the initial design,’ explains Aylish in the article. ‘For an adaptation like Sonic, you need to give fans something. You don’t need to give them everything, but you need to meet the right design expectations that satisfies what people associate with Sonic’.

Aylish’s research interests are in the relationships between technology and moving image media, impact of digital media on cinema aesthetics, animation, digital games and installations.

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