Mattias Frey discusses the depiction of twins for The Independent


Mattias Frey, Professor of Film, Media and Culture, and the Head of Film and Media, was interviewed by The Independent newspaper on 22 January 2020, for an article entitled ‘Love Island: Why Do We Fetishise Female Twins…’ by Sophie Gallagher.

The article discussed the current series of ITV’s Love Island, which features real life twins Jess and Eve Gale, and which follows a long history of media depictions of twins. Twins are often objectified and exploited, and also frequently presented as sinister.

Film and media representations of twins ‘depict a threat from the “outsider” twin or fantasise about leading a double life apart from bourgeois constraints,’ explains Mattias in the article. ‘The Shining (1980) and its hallucinatory rendering of two twin girls, is one of the most famous examples of the horrific potential of twins.’

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