Mattias Frey discusses the appeal of Joker in Wired

Mattias Frey, Professor of Film, Media and Culture, and the Head of Film and Media, was interviewed by Wired UK on Saturday 2 November 2019

Wired covers contemporary science, technology and culture. It is the sister site of the UK-based bimonthly magazine of the same name.

The article concerns the film Joker (dir. Todd Phillips, 2019), starring Joaquin Phoenix as the eponymous anti-hero from the Batman franchise. The film is currently on release in cinemas across the UK. The article explores how the film has inspired mass anti-government movements across the globe with divergent followings.

‘In some ways, it opens itself up to interpretation,’ explains Mattias in the article. ‘It’s almost like a blank screen where you can project your own preoccupations.’

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