Will Wollen contributes to ‘Talk to Me’

Talk to Me seated figure sculpture
  "Talk to Me seated figure" by Steuart Padwick.

Will Wollen, actor and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Drama and Theatre, has lent his voice to a series of talking sculptures to go on display in King’s Cross from this Friday.

The installation ‘Talk to Me’ has been designed by Steuart Padwick and will be displayed as part of the festival ‘designjunction’, running from 19 to 22 September 2019 in the N1C area of London.

The installation consists of two monumental interactive sculptures of cuboid wooden figures. As people walk by, a proximity sensor is triggered, and the figures will begin to voice poignant and uplifting words. These conversations start to crack the ‘burden’, provoking conversations about mental health. ‘Talk to Me’ is a hopeful piece, reminding us that through communication with one another the weight so many of us carry, can be lessened.

Will joins actors and perfomers Niamh Cusack, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith, Tom Goodman-Hill, Joelle Taylor, Adam Kammerling and Chris Thorpe, in voicing the talking sculptures.

‘It’s been a pleasure to be involved in this important project,’ said Will. ‘Being available to talk and listen to our fellow human beings can be life-saving.’

The sculptures will be situated along King’s Boulevard in Kings Cross, London, until 22 September.

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