Ben Thomas on Hendrick Goltzius at Durham

Dr Ben Thomas, Reader in the Department of Art History, will give a paper entitled ‘The Protean Line of Hendrick Goltzius’ at the Durham Early Modern Studies 2019 conference at the University of Durham, held tomorrow, Tuesday 23 July.

Hendrick Goltzius (1558-1617) was a German-born Dutch artist and printmaker from the early Baroque. Ben’s paper examines Goltzius’s knowing and expressive use of a distinctive, swelling, engraved line in his prints, and it is in turn part of a book project about the role of prints in the history of art entitled The Artist and the Print.

Ben will also take part in the session ‘The Language of Lines’, which is itself part of an ongoing research project on Renaissance Keywords organised by Ita MacCarthy and Richard Scholar (Durham).

For more details, please see the webpage here: