Art History students win Kent Arts Investment Fund

Following on from successfully organising the exhibition ‘The Female Nude: Ways of Seeing’, students from the Department of the History of Art have won a Kent Arts Investment Fund award from Kent County Council.

‘The Female Nude’ was organised as part of the module ‘Print Collecting and Curating’, and the funds will contribute to the costs of hosting a series of events associated with the exhibition, including special talks with artist Iwona Abrams and art historian and writer Frances Borzello. In addition, the extra funding will allow us to make a more substantial acquisition for the Kent Print Collection.

Rebecca Hardy, one of the co-organisers of the exhibition, said: ‘We feel very excited and proud at obtaining this funding. The module has been a brilliant practical learning experience, allowing us to gain a wide range of skills and implementing them into the ‘real-world’. We feel confident in entering a career in the arts considering all that we have achieved with this exhibition, which has been the product of just less than four months’ work.’

Rebecca is currently completing her final year on the BA (Hons) in Art History.

‘The Female Nude: Ways of Seeing’ closes this Friday, and on online gallery from the exhibition may be seen here: