TaPRA award nomination for digital acting resource

Physical Actor Training: an online A-Z

Physical Actor Training – An Online A-Z, a digital resource created by Professor Paul Allain, Professor of Theatre and Performance in the School of Arts and Dean of the Graduate School, Stacie Lee Bennett, Honorary Senior Research Associate in Arts at Kent, and Professor Frank Camilleri of the University of Malta, has been nominated for the David Bradby Award by the Theatre and Performance Research Association (TaPRA).

TaPRA was formed by a group of senior academics in theatre and performance, including Professor Allain, to promote the growth of research in the field by fostering a cooperative and collaborative ethos that would benefit postgraduate students, early career researchers and provide a platform to share the diverse discoveries of the discipline. The David Bradby Award celebrates outstanding research, including practice-based/applied research, in any theatre or performance area or discipline.

PATAZ: Physical Actor Training – An Online A-Z establishes a foundation for physical training exercises through over 60 dynamic videos with accompanying audio commentary, reflection, and texts for today’s physical actor, teacher, and trainer. Using innovative camera work and editing processes, each film explores a term from their A-Z, ranging from specific skills like Grounding and Balance to more abstract concepts like Energy or Craft.

The winner(s) of the David Bradby Award will be invited to present a keynote lecture at TaPRA’s annual conference in 2020.

PATAZ is available via Bloomsbury Publishing’s digital platform Drama Online, a digital resource available on subscription or as a one-time purchase to schools, colleges, conservatoires and university libraries worldwide:  www.dramaonlinelibrary.com/pages/physical-actor-training-an-online-a-z

Several of the films and more about the project are available here: thedigitalperformer.co.uk

Drama Online is a constantly growing collection of drama play texts, video and audio, providing contextual and critical background through scholarly works and practical guides for theatre students, teachers and practitioners. Physical Actor Training – an Online A-Z adds bespoke actor training content of the highest quality to the collection.