Lavinia Brydon wins a place on ‘urban lives’ collaborative workshop

Dr Lavinia Brydon, Lecturer in Film and Media in the School of Arts, has won a place on a British Academy and Academy of Science South Africa collaborative workshop. Taking place in Gauteng on Thursday 21 – Saturday 23 February, the workshop will explore the theme ‘Urban Lives’.

More than half of the world’s population currently lives in cities, and this is projected to increase to almost five billion by 2030, with the majority of the urban growth concentrated in Africa and Asia.

The challenges and opportunities of living in an urban environment needs to be responded to in a number of ways, drawing together academic, aesthetic, artistic, literary and policy perspectives and thought.

This workshop aims to bring together early career researchers based in the UK and South Africa who are able to contribute multiple disciplinary and cross-regional insights from the humanities and the social sciences to our understanding of urban life.

Lavinia’s research interests extend from the representation of place on screen to location filming, screen media tourism, DIY arts practices (including pop-up cinemas) and the construction of leisure spaces. She is looking forward to growing these interests within the ‘urban lives’ theme and with researchers who can offer different disciplinary perspectives and take her beyond the British context that she usually works within.

To read the full details about the workshop, please see the British Academy page here: