GOLKK Theatre premiere new performance

  Picture by Kristin Bacheva.

GOLKK Theatre, one of the Graduate Theatre Companies sponsored by the School of Arts, will be performing as part of the Resolution 2019 festival, currently being held at The Place, London on Thursday 31 January 2019. They will be performing the premiere of a piece entitled rest[less].

The Place is a dedicated dance and performance venue located in central London. It hosts the London Contemporary Dance School, validated by the University of Kent.

rest[less] is a non-narrative piece, exploring the physical and psychological effects of over-working. It uses a unique movement language translates the topic into a seemingly abstract and absurd world. Inspired by the construction of beehives, the performance shows a relentlessly buzzing world of ‘work’ juxtaposed with a warm, honey-soaked ‘home’. A gallery of rehearsal images can be found on the School of Arts’ Facebook page here.

GOLKK was formed in 2016 and were Visiting Artist in Residence at the School of Arts and The Gulbenkian in 2018. During their residency they performed their previous show, Peeking in the Portrait, in Canterbury and Paris before taking it on a 2018 summer tour of gallery venues across Kent and then as part of Camden Fringe.

GOLKK Theatre consist of alumni Kristin Bacheva (BA Drama and Theatre, MA Physical Acting), Grace Wranosky (BA Drama and English America Literature, MA Physical Acting), Olaf Leiros (BA Drama and Theatre, MA Physical Acting),  and Luke Stokes (BA Drama and Theatre, MA Physical Acting).

rest[less] will be performed as part of a triple bill with Celine Fortenbacher’s Putzi Kamionka and PaMa’s Nono Sono the same evening, starting 7.30pm. Tickets cost £16/£12 concessions. To book, please see the page here: