Graduate performance in feature film, Hide and Seek

MDrama graduate, Rea Mole, is premiering her debut British feature film, Hide and Seek, at the Edinburgh International Film Festival (where she is also nominated for the Best Performance in a British Film award) on the 20th of June, at 18.15 and the 22nd June, at 13.30, at Cineworld 12.The film then has a screening in London at the East End Film Festival on June 24th, at 20.30, at the Genesis Cinema, Screen 2.

UPDATE: Hide and Seek won the Michael Powell award for Best British Feature Film at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. The jury, chaired by director Amos Gitai, said it found the film to be “very innovative in form and in which all those involved, from the director to the cinematographer and the actors, we believe to be very talented.” The jury added that “the younger generation have a right to re-challenge and re-configure what cinema means to them.”