Paris Summer School Scholarship Winners

We are delighted to announce the winners of the Paris Summer School Scholarships. The successful students from the School of Arts who won scholarships for Paris were: Nigel Ip (History & Philosophy of Art), Mira Kuure (History & Philosophy of Art), Francesco Morino (Film) and Benjamin Ridge (Drama & Theatre).

The scholarships were open to second- and final-year undergraduate students across all subject areas to spend the first two weeks of June in a Summer School at the University of Kent’s centre in Paris. The scholarship includes tuition, excursions, accommodation and travel expenses from Canterbury, and the Summer School runs from Monday 2 June to Friday 13 June 2014.


The University is still taking applications for the main Summer School programme, with places available in Paris and Brussels in the weeks of Monday 23 June to Friday 4 July 2014. The deadline to apply for these Summer Schools is 18 April 2014. (Please note this deadline has been extended.) Fees start at 700 euros.


For more information of the Summer School programme, including how to apply, please see: