Research Seminar – Hiding and Seeking: Cinematic Lublin and the Final Solution

Dr Maurizio Cinquegrani will be giving a research seminar on Wednesday 29th January at 17.00 in Darwin LT2, the topic is: ‘Hiding and Seeking: Cinematic Lublin and the Final Solution’.



This presentation investigates the cinematic image of Lublin, Poland, in documentary and fiction films. It also explores the nearby concentration and extermination camp of Majdanek as a filmic space. The main focus of analysis lies in the ways in which the Jews of Lublin and the spaces they inhabited, and those where they were murdered, have been portrayed in film. My aim is to address the complex relationship between Jews and Poles during the war and the post-war years through the study of film. In order to do so a topographical methodology is employed here in the attempt to find visual traces and reinterpretations of the vanished world of Lublin¹s Jewry.