Affective Performance and Cognitive Science: Body, Brain and Being

Affective Performance and Cognitive Science: Body, Brain and Being

Edited by Professor Nicola Shaughnessy


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Exploring new developments in the dialogues between science and theatre, the volume offers an introduction to a fast-expanding area of research and practice. The cognitive revolution in the humanities is affording fresh insights into audience experience, performance processes and training. Scientists are collaborating with artists to investigate how our brains and bodies engage with performance to create new understanding of perception, emotion, imagination and empathy. Divided into four parts, each introduced by an expert editorial from leading researchers in the field, this edited volume showcases some of the main areas of collaboration and research:

  • dances with science
  • touching texts and embodied performance
  • the multimodal actor
  • affecting audiences


The volume features editorials from: Nicola Shaughnessy, Evelyn B. Tribble and John Sutton, Rhonda Blair, Amy Cook, and Bruce McConachie

And contributions from: Matthew Reason, Dee Reynolds, Marie-Hélène Grosbras and Frank E. Pollick, Anna Furse, Erin Hood, Natalie Bainter, Naomi Rokotnitz, Neal Utterback, Martin Welton, Gabriele Sofia, Josephine Machon, Adam Alston, and Melissa Trimingham.


Assessing the current state of play in this interdisciplinary field, the volume lays the foundation for the new series from Bloomsbury Methuen Drama:

Performance and Science: Interdisciplinary Dialogues  edited by Nicola Shaughnessy (University of Kent, UK) and John Lutterbie (Stony Brook University, USA).