Lifting the Curtain: On Audience and Authorship

As audiences today, we increasingly find that our input has become indispensible to the process of performance-making. No longer sitting quietly in the dark, we have been pulled in and invited to take part.

As part of the University of Kent’s Lifting the Curtain event series, this two-day encounter at the Institute of Contemporary Arts brought together artists, academics and audiences in a shared exploration of the new trend. The event was co-facilitated by performance company Accidental Collective, Chris Johnston (Argument Room/Rideout) and Duška Radosavljević (University of Kent lecturer in Drama and Theatre), and it was generously supported by KIASH, ETRN and CKP.

One interesting segment of the discussion featuring David Edgar (playwright), Annette Mees (Coney) and Jake Orr (A Younger Theatre) can be viewed on the Argument Room website.


More information on the event can be found on the ICA website.