TaPRA Essay success for PhD Student

Deborah Leveroy, Drama PhD student, has been awarded the runner-up prize in the prestigious TaPRA Essay competition, for her article: ‘Locating dyslexic performance: text, identity and creativity’.

The 6,000 word article discusses the complex relationship dyslexic learners have with written text and verbal language and how this might impact on performance practice. Using the personal testimony of dyslexic actors and neuro-cognitive theories of dyslexia, the article suggests that perceived dyslexic abilities in non-linear processing, making conceptual connections and quick thinking may enable dyslexic actors to relocate their body-intentionality with the text-based world, whilst the experience of performing may also facilitate the development of positive dyslexic identities and experiences. Moreover, these abilities may mean that specific theatre skills such as devising and improvisation are particularly suited to dyslexic learners.