What’s next after I arrive?

Student arriving in their room

That moment after you have said goodbye to your family and don’t yet know anyone can be a little daunting. What do you do now? It’s up to you.

‘Don't stress, everyone's in the same boat and wants to make new friends too’ – Eve, second year student.
Hopefully some of your other flat or housemates will have arrived and this is a great place to start. Prop your door open as you unpack to show you’re happy to talk or give people a hand as they’re moving in. Sometimes just hanging out in the kitchen is a great way to meet your new flatmates, whilst playing a game together can be a fun way to break the ice. The College and Community Life Team have a number of events going on that you can do together.

However, someone always has to arrive first, so if this is you, or you want to explore beyond your accommodation, then get out there – we’ve got lots going on just take a look at Kent’s event calendar. You don’t have to stick to just your course’s events – there’s lots happening for all students to get involved in.

'Make friends outside your flat, while it's nice to be friends with your flatmates, you may want a wider circle of friends so you can enjoy more variety in activities or societies’ Alexander, second year student

Heading out solo can be tough, especially if you’re naturally shy but it will be worth it, pick an event or place that best suits you and remember everyone there is looking to meet new people and make friends too. You never know, your new friend may be in the corridor on the hall below, standing next to you at the bar, or you may bump into them on your library tour. Just because you’re the first to arrive in your flat doesn’t mean you are the only one on campus. If you don’t fancy flying solo to an event then pop a message in the Official Freshers Group on Facebook as someone else is probably having the same thoughts elsewhere on campus, who knows there may be a few of you all looking to go to the same event!

Other places you can stop by are the Info Hubs across campus and in the Library as well as the tents on the lawns next to the library. Here there will be some staff and student ambassadors who will be happy to have a chat and give you some inspiration on what to do next.

Every day from Tuesday 27 to Friday 30 September on the Canterbury campus ‘Welcome to…’ will be going on in your own college catering outlet or one nearby and in Medway, the Students’ Union have daily events you can join. These are the perfect place to meet other new students and begin a campus adventure with your new friends/flatmates. These won’t be big partying events (although those are happening too) but more of an opportunity for you to meet, connect and relax with your fellow students. There will also be lots of other social events taking place on both campuses throughout Welcome Week for you to join and take part in.

Before you know it, you’ll have a flat of familiar faces, students you know from your course or your own society to surround yourself with. But remember,  everything doesn’t always fall into place straight away and that’s okay too. If it doesn’t, and you need some support we’re here along with a whole host of different Student Services, so take advantage of the help on offer and make the most of your time on campus.

Don’t forget to take another look at our Welcome pages for guidance on what to do next and familiarise yourself with the campus. After all Canterbury’s is 300 acres of green parkland which overlooks the city below and Pier Quays, in Medway, is located just on the river and only a short walk from campus so definitely worth exploring.

If you’re looking for more arrivals advice checkout our Student Arrivals Advice for 2022 or sign up to join our Student Services Online Showcase on Tuesday 20 September 2022 at 10:00 – 12:30 to talk to the Accommodation Team and our current students, to ask any questions about arrivals.