What to expect whilst staying on campus

Welcome to your Kent accommodation

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We’re delighted you choose to live on campus! We hope you’ve finished unpacking and have had a chance to meet some of your new flatmates and fellow students.

Now that you’re here, this blog is here to help you know what to expect whilst staying on campus.

Before we get into it, can we just remind you, if you’ve not already, please complete our Arrivals Survey. This survey is sent out annually, via email and helps us continue to make improvements for students arriving on campus. We strive to make Arrivals Weekend a positive and enjoyable experience for new students, so any feedback you have will be greatly received.

Right, now that’s out of the way we can get with highlighting what you can expect whilst staying on campus.

How you’ll hear from us:

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We will send you any important information regarding your accommodation via email. So, make sure you regularly check your Kent email inbox. For notifications and updates, you’ll see these on Home at Halls, our website and our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

If you find you have a question (e.g. post or directions), your friendly college reception team is your first port of call. You are also welcome to visit the Accommodation Office or contact the team to have your questions answered.

Services and facilities:

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In case you don’t know, there are a number of services included with your accommodation.

A good place to start for info about life on campus is our dedicated webpage.

What we expect from you:


To students talking in the kitchen.

Like with every relationship, there is an element of give and take. We strive to make your time at Kent a positive and fun experience, and in return, we would appreciate you taking note of your Accommodation Handbook, which covers all the dos and don’ts of living on campus.

In summary and to help make everyone’s time living on campus enjoyable, please….

  • Be respectful of your fellow students and staff
  • Complete your room inventory
  • Remember, you and your flatmates are responsible for keeping your room/kitchen clean
  • Don’t bring any prohibited items onto campus
  • So you stay in the loop, download Home at Halls and check your emails regularly.

That’s it from us for now. We hope you enjoy your time on campus and we along with lots of departments are on hand to help you along the way if needed. So please, just reach out to the relevant departments if you have any questions or concerns and we’ll be happy to help.