Leaving for spring vacation

Students wheeling suitcases

With the weather warming up and the days drawing out, it could only mean one thing. Spring is coming!

Although we’re super excited at the idea of sitting out for lunch and seeing the campus come to life with daffodils poking up, we’ll also be sad to see some of our students depart their accommodations for spring vacation. Yes, you heard correctly, not all students living in campus accommodation can stay during the vacation periods.

Do I need to move out over the spring vacation?

If you live in self-catered accommodation, or Eliot and Rutherford College, you can stay in your accommodation over the spring break, as this is included in your 39-week accommodation contract. However, students living in some part-catered accommodations will need to depart for this period, from Saturday 6 April until Saturday 4 May 2024. As part of your 31-week contact agreement, your room must be cleared of your belongings during this time, so check our storage guide if you need somewhere to store your things while you’re away.

What if I want to stay on campus?

Well, you’re in luck! If you live in Becket Court or Keynes College (Blocks F,G, H and I) and would like to stay on campus over the break you can book vacation accommodation online. Make sure you book by Friday 29 March 2024 so we can arrange everything for you to have a smooth transition. Our vacation accommodation is in Darwin College and can be booked for the whole four-week period, from Saturday 6 April – Saturday 4 May for just £533.12, the equivalent of £19.04 per night.

Group of three students talking around table in Darwin kitchen

What do I need to do before I leave my accommodation?

Before you head off, look over our checklist to ensure your accommodation is in tip-top condition for your return in May.

  • Pack up your belongings and take all important items with you or arrange for them to be securely stored
  • Turn off and unplug all electrical items (except the fridge!)
  • Put the rubbish out and remove any perishable foods from the fridge – no one wants to return to a mouldy piece of cheese!
  • Close any windows (leaving the vent open) and lock all doors
  • Collect any mail/parcels from your letterbox/reception
  • If you live in part-catered accommodation, you’ll also need to return your fob to reception so it can be reactivated for the next term. Make sure you don’t forget this one as it’s important.

Accommodation with a meal plan

Our meal plans don’t include vacation times, but rest assured, if you choose to stay on campus you’ll have a full-working kitchen in Darwin College. If you still fancy eating out, check the catering website for the updated outlet vacation opening times.

Find out more about our vacation accommodation, including the services available on campus, on our webpage.