Getting your room offer

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You’ve applied for accommodation and now you’re wondering, when do I get my offer?

Well, here’s how it goes!

If the University of Kent is your firm choice and you’ve applied for accommodation, we’ll send you a room offer via email once you have your unconditional offer to study at Kent and have met the accommodation guarantee. For most students, this happens on or after A-Level results day, but some students with unconditional offers may receive an offer sooner.

If Kent is your insurance choice, we still encourage you to apply, however, you won’t receive an offer until you decide to take up an unconditional offer to study at Kent.

We also have accommodation available for Clearing applicants so tick ‘yes’ for accommodation on your application. You can also read our clearing application advice for more information.

Make sure you’re checking the email address you gave us in your application (it’s best to give a personal account rather than a school/college one) and don’t forget to look in your junk folder, just in case! We send offers to students in small batches, so don’t worry if you don’t get your offer immediately on results day or straight after your Clearing application.

We will always email you to let you know what your room offer is or what your next steps are, so if you haven’t heard from us after a few days and are worried you can always contact us.

Once you have been emailed your offer, you’ll need to log back into the MyAccommodation Portal and will have 48 hours to either accept or decline your offer there. If you need to extend your deadline by a day or so for some extra thinking time, contact us within the 48 hours and we can do this for you.

Help! Is it too late to apply?

If you’re reading this and are worried that you haven’t applied yet, missed the deadline for the guaranteed room offer (30 June for new students), or are a Clearing applicant don’t be! You may just need to wait a little longer for your offer, but we hope to accommodate all students who want to live on campus, so do still apply. 

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You have your offer, but you’re not happy, what happens next?

Firstly, don’t panic!

We do our best to allocate students to a room that best suits their preferences, but sometimes high demand means that we’re not able to give everyone the room or location they want. However, getting a different room doesn’t mean your experience on campus is ruined. We have seen that once students arrive and settle into their accommodation, they realise that they’re really happy with the room they’ve been given.

If you are sure that you want a different room from the one you’ve been offered, don’t decline it straight away. Instead, contact our team who can offer advice and create a room move application for you. We try to fulfil as many room move requests as possible before Arrivals Weekend (16 and 17 September 2022), however, due to availability, this is not always possible. Please don’t worry as there are several opportunities for room moves during the academic year if you are unhappy with your room.

If you do decline your offer, you won’t be sent another one, as we’ll assume you have decided not to live on campus. However, we know that mistakes happen and if you do need us to reactivate your application, get in touch and we can do this for you. Please note, this may mean that you receive a different room offer.

Our team works hard to support students during their time on campus and we want your experience in our accommodation to be the best that it can be. If you ever need any help or advice you’re always welcome to contact us!


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Once you’ve accepted

Congratulations, we’ll be seeing you in September! Don’t forget to complete your accommodation e-induction, which gives you essential knowledge about arriving and living on campus. Keep an eye on your email, as we’ll send more information in the weeks and days before you arrive so that you’re all ready to go once you get here. In the meantime, check out our Arrivals page which contains useful information, such as what to pack, or our FAQs. Don’t forget you can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.

We can’t wait to see you on campus!