Throwback Thursdays: Student Services Refresh

Summer 2015 saw the ever continuing commitment to the student experience. A key part of this, has been to ensure that access to support and services are clearly signposted and easy to find.

We were approached by Nikki Brown, IT and E-Resources Officer for Careers and Emplyability, to refresh the Student Services website that was utilising the previous Kent template, Bachus. With some information requiring revision and new services becoming available, work was also required to ensure that the new structure provided an easy to navigate site.

Student Services Homepage Nikki was kind enough to share the following of her experience:-

““The student services web site which points students to the different areas of support here at Kent was  in a very old template.  We wanted to update it to fit Kent’s current template, Chronos, but did not have the time nor the knowledge.

The Web Solutions team, once we had sat down and created a document specifying the content and structure, went away and put it all in place.  They suggested the colour scheme, look and feel and made it look clean, professional and simple.  The difference between the old and new was fantastic.

It made the whole process much easier and if they had not have helped us with their expertise we would not have had time to complete this project.”

Web Solutions were pleased to help and provide support for such a necessary and relied upon service by students.

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