A background on our recent improvements to Chronos

The web never stops moving and staying still is suicide for any organisation. IS are hard at work ensuring we stay competitive in the web and mobile space with 2 large projects looking at a new responsive theme and a new web publishing model. In the meantime however Chronos is our current web theme and you are all making use of it and our snippets to update content on your website. In the spirit of the here and now we have been working hard to produce modernised design elements to implement across the Chronos theme and into new and updated snippets.

Examples of direction


We’ve begun to use updated icons to signify a link or an action across all of our newer snippets. It not only looks great but it gives us the flexibility to use the most appropriate variation of that icon dependent on the situation. For example, you can see from the updated news scroller (bottom right) we are using a much skinnier chevron and in the profiles box (top left) the chevron actually changes direction depending on the active tab.



Given the compact of the Chronos theme, and some of the complexity in the frame, we felt simplifying areas of the content area would help focus users to your content rather than the navigational aspects. You can see from the chevron example we focus on spacing quite a lot but it’s even more apparent in the fullpage news example below. The top example is the new design, the bottom half is the previous. Where the grey used to be prominent in the design, now the grey is only show when hovering over an news item to signify it’s a link. It allows us to not “overdo it” when it comes to using chevrons.



We’re always looking to improve our snippet pack and we have a couple of updates in the pipeline, like an updated show/hide (it’s been unchanged since the days of Bacchus) and a new list version of the profiles summary snippet. If you have any ideas yourself please feel free to contact us as we’re always happy to hear from you.

Don’t forget to download the latest snippet pack and starting using some of our new snippets! They can all be seen on on our sample site.

  • Brand new Profiles snippet replacing Staff Profiles and accompanying staff scroller
  • Buttons
  • Full page news and accompanying news scroller
  • Call to action snippet

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