Web Publishing Model Project: What we’ve been up to this week….

Its been a busy week here in Departmental Web Soutions. We’ve been hunkering down and harvesting the fruits of our conversations with other Universitys, marrying them up against the requirements that we have collected from our recent questionaires and our focus groups, whilst matching theese against the requirements of our colleagues in Web Development and the Server Infrastructure Team.

These meetings with our counterparts have helped us cement what we have to work with from an infrastructure and data management perspective as well as what we have to potentially consider from a new theme perspective, in order to specify the key requisites which any potential system would need to satisfy.

We also enjoyed a very lively programme meeting which was attended by the website theme project team, where we discussed our progress, the research that we had conducted, sucesses and further avenues for investigation and exploration.

Finally, we have been further engaging in preliminary demonstrations by vendors of content and marketing management systems, which have proven a real eye openner in terms of what is achievable and has helped highlighted some key areas for potential evolvement of our web propogation and our web presence.

The work continues!





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