Throwback Tuesdays: ParrotNet interactive map launch

We have been working in collaboration with the ParrotNet team from DICE (Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology) to design and develop an interactive map which highlights sightings of invasive parrots across Europe.

The team are hoping to understand why parakeets are such successful invaders and how they can predict their agricultural, ecological, economic and societal impacts.

Allowing users to filter through thousands of entries (and hundreds of thousands of sightings), the map will assist researchers in how parakeets may be affecting specific areas of interest. Jim Groombridge and Simon Tollington plan to continue adding data in the next few years from numerous different sources, increasing the number of sightings, species and countries affected and assisting future research across the ParrotNet network.

For more information on ParrotNet and to view the interactive map, please see some of the links below:

Jim has been kind enough to provide the following about his experiences of working with us on this project:

The Kent webteam that developed our PARROTNET research project website did a fantastic job, both on attention to detail in what requirements we set out and also the delivery of the outputs. In particular, we requested some fairly sophisticated functionality in terms of mapping and presentation of data and the team worked closely with us to provide an impressive result. I was especially impressed with the way the team took time to understand our project needs and how they suggested solutions to technical issues.

We really enjoyed working on this project. It allowed to develop some new capabilities within our maps framework and we’ve received some wonderful feedback from other customers around the University. We look forward to working with Jim and Simon again in future projects.

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