Throwback Thursdays: Philanthropy website re-design

For this throwback Thursday, we will be looking at the recent redesign of the Centre for Philanthropy website.

This small project looked to refresh the centres’ web presence, which included sourcing a fresh new banner image, colour scheme, re-work on the site architecture, and of course, a shiny new homepage.

Working closely with the client, Dr Eddy Hogg, lecturer for the Centre which sits within the School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research (SSPSSR), the project was successfully completed well within the time scale initially agreed upon, however this does not by any stretch mean that the quality of the work was compromised! With a clear understanding of the project the team was able to excel, meeting client requirements whilst finding happy mediums where needed.

On completion of the project, Eddy provided us with a statement regarding his experience working with Web Solutions:

“I had reached a point with my edits of the Centre for Philanthropy website where what needed to be done was beyond my technical capabilities.  I knew what I wanted it to look like, but wasn’t able to craft it myself.  The Web Solutions Team have been great in making mine and my colleagues’ vision for the website become reality.  Whenever a small detail wasn’t quite as we wanted it they were able to provide options for other ways of doing it and the end project is perfect for our needs.  We now have a website which looks smart, professional and is easy to navigate. Thanks!”

Kudos all round!

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