Throw back Tuesdays:- The redevelopment of the Centre for Professional Practice

Hearing great things from our clients inspires us, makes us strive harder and focus on the little details that makes our client’s lives easier, whilst providing a better end user experience to the diverse audiences that the Kent site attracts.

The following words were provided to us by our client lead Donna Lees when she was under the employment of the Centre for Professional Practice (CPP):-

“We found Tom, Luca and other members of the team very friendly, helpful and supportive.
We had reviewed a range of websites, so had some idea of the kind of layout we wanted to achieve and the kind of information, news and contents that we wanted to make available. As well as our website being used by potential students, we wanted to engage potential partner organisations, employers and organisational sponsors.
The Centre for Professional Practice student base varies greatly from the standard University  population so the website would be used in a different way to most Kent web pages. Tom and the team understood why we needed to be different, but helped us to still create a Kent branded site that would also appear as a professional, business like website.
We were provided with one on one informal training at our convenience and a friendly voice at the end of the phone when needed.
They offered us specific help with some tricky sections of the site, for example, the directory and some of the behind the scenes website structure.
They were also extremely patient with us. As website production was new to the CPP team we had limited resources/experience to push the project forward. This sometimes lead to delays, but Tom and the team were kind enough to accommodate the amendments to the timescale.”

We really enjoyed getting to find out about the work of the department, learning about the intended users and understanding their requirements whilst designing a site which made information easy to find for people who needed things fast without fuss.

We also really enjoyed working with CPP on this project towards the tail end of 2013 and hope that they still enjoy using the site to promote their work

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