Throwback Thursdays: International student site redesign 2014

As a continuation of the series, we take a look back at some of the sites that we have worked on with departments here at the University.

In this post we’re going to talk about a recently developed website for the International Development department where the Web Solutions team worked on redeveloping the International Student website.
The project involved redesigning over 300 webpages and building some new features and marketing pages for the department to improve the recruitment of potential international students. Part of the project included the development of a new set of pages for each country, which act as a one-stop shop for international students depending which country they are from. With this a host of new and modified snippets were developed:

  • Testimonials: brand new snippet
  • Callout: minor modifications to work in fixed height pages
  • Import: ability to import similar content, like a menu, to particular pages without repetition of work. This can be found at the bottom of each country page as the 6 image blocks.

The project also includes the design and development of a new map snippet to replace the “your country” homepage. This should be available on the website within the next couple of weeks.

As part of this post we asked Nathan Crouch to comment on his experiences whilst working with us:

“Our experience of working with IS on the redevelopment of the International Student website has been excellent. From creating the original brief to concepting new snippets and designing a new Javascript map, they have been extremely helpful, efficient and professional, providing regular and clear updates on the progress of the project and readily considering our ideas. This has been a large project which would have been difficult and costly to undertake without IS’ involvement so we’re grateful for all their work. Once launched, the new site should be a valuable asset for recruiting and converting students.”

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Nathan on this website. He knew what his students and department wanted to achieve from their new website and were open to expertise and consultancy from us which resulted in a successful and very collaborative working relationship.

We would like to thank Nathan and Kathryn for their hard work and involvement in the project, and for talking about their experiences with us.

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