ThrowbackTuesdays: Bioscience site redesign 2013

As part of a new series, we take a look back at some of the sites that we have worked on with departments here at the University over the last year.

To kick things off, we asked Dr Dan Lloyd at the School of Biosciences to talk about about his experiences from Summer 2013, when Web Solutions worked with the department to improve their web presence.

“The School of Biosciences has a large and complex website, and after the departure of our IT Manager we were left in the position of trying to maintain and develop it despite a lack of resource and expertise.
Our initial meeting with Tom from the Web Team allowed us to articulate what we needed. Tom set up an agreement and schedule of meetings and milestones, making clear to us what we needed to provide them while also setting clear targets for their own progress. We were consulted at each stage to ascertain our requirements; Tom and Faye listened to our needs and were clear and firm with their own recommendations. This iterative process led to a web presence that we are all truly proud of – fresh, dynamic and easily-maintained – which I could never have imagined considering where we were a year ago.
I would advise Schools to make use of the excellent service provided. Schools need to think carefully about their requirements and about ensuring that there is adequate resource deployed to work with the Web Team and make the most of their expertise during the development period. This time limited investment will be worth it given the time and resource we have saved by having a more easily managed site – something the team have built in. Our experience was exceptional and I thoroughly recommend that Schools make use of the expertise available to us.”

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Dan and Lin at Biosciences. They were clear on what they were looking to achieve with their site, understood what their site’s visitors were looking for and were open to explore design choices. Dan and Lin had a wealth of images for us to draw inspiration thanks to a photography competition that they recently held which allowed us to add a fresh and modern identity to the site whilst exploring the work that work that is undertaken by the department. Dan and Lin were also very open to the suggestions that we made in a recommendation document that detailed improvements that could be made to content and design across the site.

Thank you to Dan for taking the time out to talk about his experiences during the holidays!

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