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Launch of new social media snippet on Chronos

Dear web publishers,

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new social media snippet for your departmental web pages. It’s a modest update aesthetically as it refines the existing design to better sit within Chronos but the major area of improvement is how you interact with the snippet. It includes a new drag and drop model in Dreamweaver so adding multiple services for publishers is simpler and we are able to add new social media networks to the snippet pack upon request with more more ease, effectively extending your reach with less limitations.

For more information on how the snippet works and the initial set of compatible social media networks please visit our knowledge base article.

To make use of the snippet please update to the latest snippet pack and if you have any questions contact

Kind regards,
Web Support

Launch of the new Philanthropy website

Dear Web Publishers,

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Centre for Philanthropy website. It offers an improved site navigation, banner image, and webpage designs making use of the snippet pack in the sites new colours.

Testimonial from the client:

“I had reached a point with my edits of the Centre for Philanthropy website where what needed to be done was beyond my technical capabilities.  I knew what I wanted it to look like, but wasn’t able to craft it myself.  The Web Solutions Team have been great in making mine and my colleagues’ vision for the website become reality.  Whenever a small detail wasn’t quite as we wanted it they were able to provide options for other ways of doing it and the end project is perfect for our needs.  We now have a website which looks smart, professional and is easy to navigate. Thanks!”

Please visit the site at to see the finished product.

Please do not forget to update your links in printed media and on your websites.

Launch of the new Estates website

Dear web publishers,

We are pleased to announce the launch of the rebranded Estates website. It is now in the current Chronos brand making use of some of the latest snippets and offers an improved site navigation and webpage design. It has been live for over a month and has been used by many staff and students alike now that the new academic year has begun

Web Solutions and Estates have worked closely to improve how the Estates website and internal systems work so that it can be updated in the future more efficiently. Every effort has been made to ensure all functionality works although if you do encounter any issues please use the contact form on the Estates website to let the departmental web publisher know.

The website can be found at

Please do not forget to update your links on your departmental website as some pages have changed location.

Kindest regards,
Web Solutions


Changes to comScore (sitestat) and Web Analytics service

Dear Web Publishers,

After much investigation by IS and due to declining usage over the past year, from Saturday 9th August, comScore (Sitestat) will no longer be available for Web Publishers and will be removed from our service portfolio. This means that publishers will not be able to access the comScore website and web analytics.

We ask that any publishers making use of the PDF tracking functionality with comScore, remove the custom code from their website (each link will start with otherwise we will incur additional costs. This will likely affect very few publishers as Google Analytics has been adopted by many for their tracking requirements.

In the short term if you require access to web analytics please contact and they will have an account set up for you.

We are in the process of introducing Google Analytics into our service portfolio and expect to have it fully supported in the Autumn. This will provide you with more assistance when running queries on your website and how to interpret and use the data. In the meantime, if you require assistance there is online documentation, video tutorials and forums to help you get started just by doing a simple web search.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us.

Kind regards,
Web Support

Web publisher release notes: 13/06/14

Dear web publishers,

The web templating engine and snippets have recently been updated with the following bug fixes:

  • Gallery snippet: improved compatibility within the case studies and staff profiles content snippets including the javascript tabs
  • Staff profiles full page summary snippet: minor bug fix when a title is not included
  • Courses summary snippet: default parameter field now responds correctly no matter if you use caps or lower case

No further action is needed from web publishers. If you have any questions please contact us on

Best wishes,

Release of new Courses snippet for web publishers

Dear web publishers,

Information Services in conjunction with EMS, have recently released some new snippets for academic schools to display their course information in a consistent way, whilst reducing maintenance and unnecessary duplicate information. Here’s an example of what the set of snippets looks like.


  • They enable school websites’ course information to be consistent with the central course pages;
  • Ease of updating: when course information changes in the online prospectus (Programmes Plant), it will be updated wherever the snippet appears on the Kent website (ie, on school pages and central course pages).


Why use them?

The University recommends that schools should start using the snippets at the earliest opportunity. It will help us to comply with one of the major themes of the Higher Education Review (HER) in early 2015:

The provision of information with an ‘expectation that information for intended audiences about the learning opportunities on offer is fit for purpose, accessible and trustworthy’.  The use of snippets, which draws from an agreed information source (the Programmes Plant), will facilitate compliance with HEFCE expectations.

How to get them?

In the new Dreamweaver snippet pack, you will find:

  • Course Summary snippet: pulls a list of your school’s courses into your website (from the central online prospectus, programmes plant).
  • Course Content snippet: pulls your school’s course pages into your website (from the central online prospectus, programmes plant).

To access the new snippets now, download the latest snippet pack on our sample site. Instructions on how to install it on your machine are part of our how do I setup and use Dreamweaver article. If your snippet pack automatically updates, you should see it within the next week. If you are unsure please contact

How to use the snippets

If you would like any help or advice, please contact or ext 4851 and we would be happy to help.

Kindest regards,
Information Services

Access to web test server from off campus

Dear Web publishers,

A minor change has been made which may affect the minority of publishers who edit web content on whilst off campus.

If you receive any 403 error messages:

  • Please contact so that the volume of affected staff can be monitored
  • Arrange for any modified web content to made from on campus

Our apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Best Wishes
Departmental Web Solutions

Information Services
01227 (82)4851

Web-server storage approaching its limit

Dear web publishers,

Please note that the webserver is currently running at 90% storage capacity and Departmental Web Solutions would like to ask for your assistance in bringing this down.

A good clearing out of any website is essential to ensure server performance is high, and websites are easily maintainable for yourself and future web publishers within your department. Could you please spend an hour of your time looking through your websites and removing any files that are no longer required, particularly focusing on the following:

  • Deletion of “/old” folders that are no longer needed on both www-test and www-live (if you are not comfortable with deleting files on live, please contact us).
  • Deletion of “/Archive” folders that are no longer needed on both www-test and www-live.
  • Transfer of any videos to the video streaming server.
  • Transfer of any learning related materials to Moodle where appropriate
  • Ensure all images are in a web friendly JPG format.

As usual we recommend that all publishers first make a copy of their files (on to dvd/external disk) before deletion. We can also provide a link check report for your site upon request.

In addition file organisation is essential to providing clear URLs for users:

  • All images should be stored within a designated images folder
  • All documents should be stored within a designated documents folder
  • Files and folders should not have any spaces or capital letters. For example, “MA in Psychology” should be “ma-in-psychology.html”

If you need help, or would like to discuss your web requirements, Web Solutions will be happy to assist and can be contacted on ext: 4851 or

For more tips and advice please see our Kent on the Web Knowledgebase.

Best Wishes

Departmental Web Solutions

Launch of the new Athena Swan website

Dear web publishers,

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Athena Swan website.

The University has recently joined, and committed to, the principles of the Athena Swan Charter. The Athena Swan Charter was launched in June 2005 and is a scheme which recognises excellence in higher education employment practices in the subjects of Science, Engineering and technology.

The website reflects this commitment by delivering a Chronos flavour which provides a sense of individuality whilst still staying true to the University of Kent brand. This is particularly evident in the uniquely designed snippets that take inspiration from the curves of the national Athena Swan logo. A full page case studies snippet has also been developed to showcase photos of featured University of Kent women in the Sciences.

Please visit to see the final product.

Kindest regards,

Web Solutions

Information Services
(01227 82)4851

Changes to University of Kent search

Dear web publishers,

The University of Kent search page will be undergoing some maintenance work on Tuesday 4th of February which will result in some minor changes to the way the service allocates resource to the indexing of pages.

The Kent website will only be indexed by our search facility daily. When publishing, please be aware that it may take up to 24 hours before your pages are searchable via

If you have any questions please feel free to contact