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New sites launched

It has been a busy few weeks here in Web Solutions now that term is back in full swing, but we are pleased to announce the recent launch of two new sites for the Office for the Vice-Chancellor and ParrotNet.

Both of these were these projects were of high priority to Web Solutions and for the University as a whole and we are pleased to have been able to work on these.

The Office for the Vice Chancellor site was a fresh development of a new site within Kent that would provide a hub for information on the activities of the Office for the Vice Chancellor.

ParrotNet was also a new site for a multi-year, ongoing research project that will help share information on the migration habits of invasive parakeets. The first stage of the project was to provide a site which would detail the projects objectives, focus and other critical information ahead of a conference in Saville in October. The second phase of the project will be to display map points and reference information on sightings of parakeets in various geographical locations.

We look forward to expanding upon the two site launches, in a future post.