HEFCE changes announcement

Dear Publishers,

Please note that the HEFCE (Higher Education Funding Council for England) have updated their site and as such, links to their site from University of Kent webpages may no longer work.

Please take some time to review any links you may have to the HEFCE websites, to ensure they still work.

The main differences from the old site are:

* the design is new
* the main sections now reflect HEFCE’s new business plan
* the layout and structure of pages has changed
* the site works better across different mobile devices.

The extranet is unaffected by these changes.
If your institution’s website links to HEFCE’s site there may be a need to update your site’s pages. See below for a breakdown of the new locations and contact us at websitefeedback@hefce.ac.uk if you have any questions or feedback.

Content previously published under ‘Regulation’ is now published under ‘Regulation and assurance’.

‘Funding and investment’

Content previously published under ‘Funding and investment’ is now published under ‘Funding and finance’.

The following pages are now listed under ‘Working with HE providers’:

* Lists of funded universities and colleges

‘Learning and teaching’

Information on the provision of information and funding for learning and teaching continues to be published in the ‘Learning and teaching’ pages.

The following pages are now listed under ‘Working with HE providers’:

* Information for further education colleges

The following pages are now listed under ‘Regulation and assurance’:

* Assessing and assuring quality
* Review of quality assessment
* Student numbers and high grades

‘Widening participation’

Content previously published under ‘Widening participation’ is now published under ‘Student access and success’.

The following pages are now listed under ‘Analysis and insight’:

* POLAR – Participation of Local Areas
* Trends in young participation
* Gaps in young participation in higher education
* Young participation from A-level and similar
* Differences in degree outcomes
* Non-continuation rates: Trends and profiles


Content published under ‘Research’ continues to be published in the updated ‘Research’ pages.

‘Knowledge exchange and skills’

Content published under ‘Knowledge exchange and skills’ continues to be published under the updated ‘Knowledge exchange, subjects and skills’ pages.

‘Leadership, governance and management’

Most of the content previously published under ‘Leadership, governance and management’ is now published under ‘Working with HE providers’ with two exceptions.

The following pages are now listed under ‘Funding and finance’:

* Efficiency in higher education

* Financial Sustainability and TRAC

‘Cross-cutting work’

This section no longer exists. Links to the location of its content are listed below:

* Strategically important subjects
* Postgraduates: policy and funding
* Postgraduate Support Scheme
* Data maps of higher education provision
* Data about demand and supply in higher education subjects
* Healthcare

To read the full news story visit http://www.hefce.ac.uk/news/newsarchive/2015/Name,102221,en.html

Kind regards,
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