Accessible parking: changes to Blue Badge eligibility

Those with less visible disabilities could benefit from a significant change in the Blue Badge scheme that comes into affect on 30 August 2019

Some people with hidden disabilities will be able to access Blue Badge parking permits when changes in the law take effect at the end of August 2019.

Accessible parking area near Keynes College
Best practice in accessible parking: bays adjacent to Keynes College. Note how the barriers have gaps to permit direct access to the pathway from the parking area

Drivers or passengers with dementia or anxiety disorders, for example, should fall within the scope of the revised eligibility criteria.

Some people with autism, for example, carefully plan a journey to an unknown location to help in managing anxiety. Dreading a struggle to find a parking space adds to the anticipated stress of journeys. Travelling to their regular place of work, if accessible parking is inadequate or is selfishly taken up by people who don’t actually need it, is an unnecessary barrier that the more generous eligibility criteria could help people to get past.

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