Campus Accessibility Forum

Continuing improvements in campus accessibility

Set up in the spring term of 2019, the Campus Accessibility Forum aims to foster engagement with disabled students and staff members so that their lived experience of campus accessibility can feed into a culture of continual improvement.

The Campus Accessibility Forum aims to:

  • Create and foster an effective formal communication channel between disabled students, staff and the Estates management team.
  • Enable effective planning in order to promote and deliver access improvements, including wayfinding and/or signage, across all of the University estate (i.e. in existing and new buildings/facilities).
  • Enable each student and staff representative to share their access experiences, provide feedback and suggest ideas.
  • Review progress on the delivery of access improvement work.
  • Create a forum where feedback, requests for information and/or clarification can be co-ordinated.

A representative of the Disability Staff Network will attend the meetings and these will be scheduled within the first 2 weeks of each term, chaired by a representative of the Estates Technical Services team.

The first meeting was held on 5 June 2019 and a wide range of current issues were discussed in a very well attended and constructive meeting.

In due course we believe an online repository of minutes and actions will be set up.

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