Mental Health and Postgraduate Researchers.

Your mental health matters to us

Within the Division of Natural Sciences, we understand the importance of looking after our students mental health. We have an amazing support system in place for our postgraduate students both within the Division itself, and within the wider University community.

Division of Natural Sciences, who’s who?

Within the division there are a number of people ready and eager to support you with your postgraduate degree and beyond. Here is a who’s who within the Division.

Director of Graduate Studies :Dr Gurprit Lall

Divisional Academic Lead: Dr Becky Hall and Dr Jose Ortega Roldan

Subject Leads: Professor John Dickinson

Divisional Support Team: Abbi, Catalina, Clair, Emma and Michaela (email the team)

Divisional Student Experience team: Mari and Candis (email the team)

Mental Health within the Division of Natural Sciences

What is mental health? Is it defined as a state of wellbeing in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community.

Did you know that 1 in 4 people within the general popular suffer with mental health, and that within Higher education this becomes 1 in 3? Statistics tell us that within the community of postgraduates, 1 in 2 student have at least 2 symptoms of mental health, but only 3.3% sought help due to the stigma and fear of failure.

In the Division of Natural Sciences we want to hear your student voice to help support you within your degree, not only with your studies but with any mental health issues that may arise.

It is OK not to be OK!

Find the right support for you.

What is already in place for students?

We can provide a listening ear, you can approach our support team, or lead academic Becky Hall within the Division, or there is the Student Support and Wellbeing (SSW) team. The University can provide counselling through our free counselling services, and we have a dedicated team who support our disabled students. If students are struggling with the academic side of their degree, inclusive learning plans (ILP) or other adjustments can be made to support students to meet their full potential.

Every postgraduate is assigned an academic tutor which they meet to establish an aim for during their course and highlight any knowledge gaps and subsequent training that needs to be provided.

We also have the PGR teams channel where students can share ideas and quickly get in touch with our engagement team (Candis and Mari).

The Wellbeing team

The Wellbeing Team consists of Mental Health Advisers, Counsellors and Student Mentors. The team can help with issues such as stress and anxiety, panic attacks, depression, eating difficulties, sleep problems, low self-esteem, self-harm and suicidal thoughts. There is also an emergency support number for students in a time of crisis.

Student Advisory Learning Service (SLAS)

SLAS provides one-to-one tuition, and online resources to aid the transition into and achievement in, postgraduate taught and postgraduate research study. They have lots of tips and documents to support your learning in the introduction to postgraduate study guide.

The Graduate and Researcher College

The Graduate and Researcher College (GRC) supports all postgraduate students and academic and research staff at Kent. They ensure that both academic experience and researcher development are of the highest quality and provide stimulating opportunities to improve your skills, extend your horizons and prepare you for employment, career development and progression.

Skills training.

The GRC organizes specialist training for postgraduates through their global skills award, research development program and advanced training workshops.

There are also opportunities to get involved with the Kent Researchers’ Showcase, PG Experience awards, a 3 minute thesis competition and Graduate and Researcher College Prizes.

Careers and Employability Services

Within the Division of Natural Sciences we have a team devoted to supporting your career and employability. Along side this we have the central services to help you with career planning and research, support with applications and CV writing.

Supporting you and your mental health.

There a many services out there for you to access, but we still need you! Your student voice matters. Do not be afraid to tell us how we can better support you and your mental health.