Training sessions to the GB British Canoeing physiotherapy team

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Professor John Dickinson will be running training sessions to the GB British Canoeing physiotherapy team.

This training will focus on helping them to better support their athletes who are experiencing breathing symptoms during training and competition. This work has developed from an English Institute of Sport athlete health project that Professor John Dickinson have been collaborating on.

The project has involved our alumni PhD student Anna Jackson becoming employed by the EIS to deliver a respiratory screening services. Through this work, Anna has picked up athletes that have respiratory symptoms linked to a dysfunctional breathing pattern.

The work Professor John Dickinson is doing with GB Canoeing is training the physiotherapists to improve their understanding of asthma and dysfunctional breathing, providing them tools they can use with the athletes to help them overcome breathing problems.

Following the training of the physiotherapists, Professor John Dickinson will also be having 1-to-1 consultations with each of the GB canoeist who have been identified with a dysfunctional breathing pattern. This support will help them improve their breathing efficiency, which will improve the quality of their training and recovery as they prepare for the Olympic Games in Tokyo next summer.